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February 25, 2009


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Michael Zimmer

Such a great show! Very impressive, Dr. Crupain.

John Sconzo

Outstanding work. Where I live in Upstate NY, we get our milk from a similar farm, Battenkill Creamery, which is located not too far from your earlier subject, Dancing Ewe Farm. What a difference! I particularly enjoy their non-homogenized whole milk. I have to find out if their "whole" milk is of uniform fat content or if it varies.


Thanks Michael and John.

Probably the fat content will vary, but they may not be in the habit of measuring it frequently.

Calum C

I thought that was an absolutely brilliant show, found it after looking at John's blog. About to watch episode 1.

UK Viewer

Corey Young

Awesome episode 2! I think the show is already maturing quickly. Keep in mind my suggestions for future episodes. Ah, to think, I was once in charge of The Dairy Show wardrobe. I could have been famous if I stuck through my old job.

megan (brooklyn farmhouse)

Love this - brilliant name...LOVE it! And I love Milk Thistle - really the most delicious milk ever. I hear that they are carrying heavy cream now which is so exciting for butter-making! Great site.

Marc @ NoRecipes

Hi Mike, great meeting you today! Very impressive production. Loved the combo of source/science/recipe, covering from every angle.

Michael Seifried

This may be the best website online. I was looking for a whole milk cocktail recipe and found this. Keep up the excellent work.


Thanks Michael. I'm glad you liked it. There will be more milk based cocktail recipes coming in the spring.

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